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Empowering law enforcement in the fight against child sexual exploitation and abuse: Regional training in Singapore

Empowering law enforcement in the fight against child sexual exploitation and abuse: Regional training in Singapore



UNICRI, through its Centre for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics, and in partnership with the Ministry of Interior of the United Arab Emirates, commenced a cycle of worldwide trainings in May 2023, within the framework of the AI for Safer Children. The initiative aims to prevent and counter child sexual exploitation and abuse by building the capacities of law enforcement agencies globally to leverage the positive potential of AI tools and techniques and implement them responsibly. To this end, UNICRI has developed the AI for Safer Children Global Hub – a unique, centralized and secure platform where law enforcement agencies gain access to a wealth of information about AI tools. The Global Hub not only imparts technical knowledge, but also emphasizes ethical and human rights considerations, ensuring investigations are conducted responsibly. To date, the Global Hub has registered 416 law enforcement officers from 96 countries.

The regional training session held in Singapore brought together over 80 participants from law enforcement agencies in Singapore, India, Indonesia and Brunei.

"With the rapid development of digital tools, this training improves law enforcement officers’ understanding of AI capabilities, enabling them to save time and reduce exposure to violent materials," explained Irakli Beridze, Head of the Centre for AI and Robotics at UNICRI.

The trainings are tailored to each nation's unique context. Participants in the Singapore training session learned about the 8-step investigative workflow available on the AI for Safer Children Global Hub and witnessed practical demonstrations featuring a selection of tools. Importantly, the course emphasized ethical and legal considerations, ensuring the responsible use of AI tools in child abuse investigations.

“This course really showcases the importance of leveraging the interoperability between law enforcement and the private sector. It develops the tools that aid us in delivering our roles more effectively,” said Hao Jun Lim, Head of Specialized Crime Branch, Singapore Police Force.

The training session in Singapore fostered vital connections among agencies and investigators. Deepak, Deputy Superintendent of Police in the Online Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Unit, Central Bureau of Investigation, Delhi, India, already expressed his commitment by stating, "I am definitely going to be a member of the Global Hub."

Law enforcement agencies worldwide are encouraged to request specialized AI for Safer Children trainings. By harnessing AI's potential, from detection and prevention to aiding intricate investigations, AI for Safer Children stands firm in its commitment to spread knowledge and technical capacities globally.

For further information or to request training, please visit the AI for Safer Children page or contact