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International Meeting on Countering illicit trafficking in precious metals

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Cape Town -

International Meeting on “Countering illicit trafficking in precious metals”

Cape Town, 8-9 March 2016

An International meeting on “Countering illicit trafficking in precious metals”, organised by UNICRI with the support of the Government of South Africa, will take place in Cape Town on 8-9 March 2016.

Precious metals represent ideal commodities for financing criminal activities given their easy transportability and high value. The development and expansion of transportation infrastructure, banking systems and telecommunication have facilitated the involvement of organized crime in this very high profitable business. The illicit proceeds deriving from this traffic allow criminal syndicates to expand their networks and activities, generating a convergence of threats to stability, economic growth and development. Among the topics that will be discussed during the meeting, there are the risks and vulnerabilities of the precious metals production and trade chain. These vulnerabilities allow for the establishment of money laundering, corruption and illicit financial flows mechanisms.

The socio-economic and environmental impacts of illicit trafficking in precious metals including human rights abuse, violence against women and children, deforestation, pollution and other environmental issues will also be addressed.

High-level government representatives, law enforcement agencies, IGOs, civil society representatives, experts, and the private sector (including mining, refining, distributing and manufacturing actors) from different countries will participate.

The event is part of a global programme launched by UNICRI, with the support of the government of South Africa, to enhance international efforts to counter the illicit trafficking of precious metals and combat its potential use as a source of funding for organized crime and terrorism.

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